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Necromanicide, 1998. L-R, Andre, Adrian and Jeret 

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Necromanicide, 1995. L-R, Jeret, Andre, Adrian and Stefan Ong  


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Robert, former Bassist who left to pursue his calling.


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Hate Regime. Necromanicide's Premeir debut was released under Pony Canyon Music in April 1998 the label that carried acts like Yngwie Malmsteen, Narnia, Paradise Lost and Kitaro.


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Pony Canyon International, Label extrodenaire. Who chose to gamble production costs on an unknown Christian Metal band in Malaysia. God Bless Ya!

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Necromanicide was born in 1993 in the wake of the world  Christian Death Metal explosion. Formed by the core members of Andre, Nick, Jeret and Adrian... the idea of a Malaysian Christian Metal band was made possible. The line-up was later completed with the edition of Stefan after the departure of former Bassist Robert Christopher who left the band to pursue his calling and engage himself in full time ministry.

The band started out with it's humble begining playing at small gigs, at colleges and earning a reputation for themselves. And along the way introducing it's own materials. Amongst the most notable of this college gigs was the first 'Battle of the bands' in Taylors College, 1995 Where Necromanicide won Runner-Up. The crowd was immensly pleased as the band departed from the commercial taste of the night and splattered up it's own moshing concotion of Death Metal. It was a Moshing experience to say the least. This was a great leap for the band who went on to do more gigs after that event... more doors were open and God had given the band favour with many people.

Here are some of the images captured from that event:-

band3.jpg (9895 bytes)

Andre, cranking it up during the Battle of the Bands.

taylors1.jpg (63885 bytes)

The aftermath of the 'Battle of the bands' Taylor's College. L-R, Andre, Jeret, Robert, Adrian, Nick, Theresa, Stefan and Lisa.

Since then The band played in Major gigs like the Salem 'Beach Blast' in front of a whopping (estimated) 25,000 people in attendance alongside the industries biggest names like Infectuos Maggots, Apple Grean, XPDC, the Pilgrims and the Beads. Also present in that event were international acts Real McCoy, Rick Price and Herbie.

The band then went on to do a split EP (under Pony Canyon Records), alongside two Singaporean bands, Oppostion Party and Stomping Ground. The Split EP "the Underground Scene" proved to be a success and the band hit the studio to complete it debut album, "Hate Regime". After 3 Demos and a split EP. The band finally had an album credited to their name, thanks to the providence of God.

The release of 'Hate Regime' posed as a good launchpad for the band who's members appeared on air 8 Times of Time Highway Radio (99.3FM) in Malaysia to promote it's album. Members Andre, Jeret and Adrian were even once invited by DJ Kamil Othman on his 'Alternative Rock Show' to co-host a special on Christian Metal. Other gusets to the show includes people like Steve Vai, Kissing Judas and Fugazi.

The band has since made headlines all around the world and even topped a few Metal Charts in Estonia (Former Soviet Union) and Sweden with tracks from it's debut. The album's Internet online preview also became the No.1 Downloaded song on Christian Metal chart and still stands in at No.2 (After 3 Months) at's Malaysian Music Download section. 

The Band has since appeared in a various compilations and has been recieving raves eversince. A lot of credit can be given to Manager Simon See who worked with much persistence and fire promoting the band and corresponding with correspondents from all round the globe. Pony Canyon's unending support of the bands ideals and vision deserves a word of thanx too.

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